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Measurement session: 45-75 min *
Testing (under supervision) No time attached.
Cost: € 120 *

(Driver fitting costs will be canceled when purchasing a driver and fitting costs for driver + fairway wood (s) will be canceled from € 200.)

Prices indication:

Driver graphite shaft from € 199,00 per club - € 1600 *
Fairway wood graphite shaft from € 179,00 per club - € 1200 *

* concerns exclusive models

Length of time*

  • 45 minutes DRIVER in studio on Trackman
  • 75 minutes Driver & Faiway wood (s)


  • € 100 driver only
  • € 120 driver + fairway wood (s)
  • Measure which length, shaft, grammage torsion, bend point is best for you
  • Visualize spinrates, launch angles, smash factor, Carry and maximum distance
  • Shaft frequency analysis
  • Spin alignment of the shafts
  • Measure existing driver / fairwaywood (s) (pros and cons of your current driver fairwaywood (s) are indicated)
  • Measure which length, shaft, grammage, torsion, bendpoint suits you best
  • Visualize spinrates, launch angles, smash factor, carry and maximum distance

During the fitting

  • We indicate what are or are not sensible choices and explain them
  • Let's see how we produce, tune in-house clubs ourselves
  • You will have the opportunity to try out different makes and models
  • We take your budget into account. (we also have older more affordable models!)
  • Are you offered a drink before and during the fitting and everything goes at a leisurely pace
  • You will receive a clear explanation that everyone understands and experiences as very pleasant

The driver is the club that perhaps most appeals to the imagination of most players, because we want to hit as far and as straight as possible. The different manufacturers have brought a lot of different models on the market, one of which is more suitable for players with a low handicap and the other for players with a high handicap. During a driver fitting we look at which head type, which shaft type, which length, which loft, which draw or fade setting and which type of torsion in terms of stiffness in terms of grammage and bend point suits you best. In addition, we also teach you to hit a nice fade or draw with your driver.