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Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Testing (under supervision) No time attached.
Cost: € 75 * 

(BThese costs will be canceled if you purchase above € 150.)

*If you purchase a cheaper wedge, € 30 will remain for the fitting.

Prices indication:

Wedge steel shaft from € 79,00 per club - € 699 *
* concerns exclusive models

We look at what you need for your type of course, type of game and type of swing.  

We use software and can hit with you from the course.

“The short game”… the most important part of the game. 

The wedges take us to the green within 100 meters. Do we have a soft or hard surface? Do we want the ball to roll or do we want it to stop immediately? Do we want more or less bounce? Do we want more or less spin?

After Iron 9 the following clubs are discussed:
PW = Pitching Wedge (range from 45-48 degrees)
AW = Approach Wedge / Gap wedge / Utility wedge (50-54 degrees)
SW = Sand Wedge (54-58 degrees)
LW = Lob Wedge / 58-64 degrees)

There is a different degree option for each brand and model. The bounces are of course also different per club, brand and model. We look at what you need for your type of course and type of game and type of swing.

Are you a 'Digger' or a 'Slider '? Do you get straight into the ball or do you swipe through the ball? If you have the wrong setting, it is possible that you simply do not use a club. 

At our fitting center we also have the opportunity to knock off the grass and / or out of bunkers.