• An appointment for a fitting within 10 days • Delivery times are usually 2 to 3 weeks*




Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Still hitting yourself after the fitting: 60 -70 minutes
Cost: € 75 * 

(For purchases above € 400, the fitting session costs are free. Below € 400, the fitting costs are € 30.)

Prices indication:
Wedge steel shaft from € 79,00 per club - € 699 *

Contents of the fitting:

  • Interview with the golfer about her/his game
  • Measure existing wedges. Advantages and disadvantages of your current clubs are mapped out.
  • Measure which adjustment of the wedge(s) fits best in terms of lofts and distances.
  • Which brand ? Which model? Which bounces?
  • Discuss and assess which type of clubhead is right for you
  • Determining the correct length, correct shaft, grammage and shaft values ​​and correct grip thickness
  • Discuss loft and spin values, carry and total distance

After Iron 9 the following clubs are discussed:
PW = Pitching Wedge (range from 45-48 degrees)
AW = Approach Wedge / Gap wedge / Utility wedge (50-54 degrees)
SW = Sand Wedge (54-58 degrees)
LW = Lob Wedge / 58-64 degrees)

There is a different degree option for each brand and model. The bounces are of course also different per club, brand and model. We look at what you need for your type of course and type of game and type of swing.

Are you a 'Digger' or a 'Slider '? Do you get straight into the ball or do you swipe through the ball? If you have the wrong setting, it is possible that you simply do not use a club. 

After fitting:

  • Can we show how we produce and adjust clubs in-house?
  • Your fitting is always saved and recorded so that you can come back to it later with a subsequent purchase
  • You will receive a fitting report, we just do not share the final shaft grammage and flex information with you as we depend on what the workshop can supply.
  • You will receive a voucher card with a few nice offers that you as a client can use. Such as discount on green fee, regrippen, annual free loft and lie check and set apk.
  • We ask for a deposit
  • let's have a drink together to celebrate your purchase