• An appointment for a fitting within 10 days • Delivery times are usually 2 to 3 weeks*


Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Testing (under supervision) No time attached.
Cost: € 60 - € 120


(These costs are canceled when you purchase them.)

By Talented Youth golfers we mean golfers of a young age who have been playing for a while. Young players eligible for a costume fitting are 6 years or older. We cannot help juniors who have just started playing golf.

However, we are the address for the advanced players who make the transition from children's clubs to adult clubs. It may be that a young girl or a young boy is eligible for clubheads for women that are already a bit lighter than those for men. We can then tailor them completely. In the first instance we will often advise graphite. On the other hand, there are often young players who are a bit stronger. Especially for men, light weight steel is eligible.

You can always contact us without obligation. If you tell us how old your child, daughter, son or perhaps your grandchild is, how long he / she is, how much strength he / she has, we can already tell you on the phone whether we can offer added value.