• An appointment for a fitting within 10 days • Delivery times are usually 2 to 3 weeks*
TYPES of Fittings>

IRONS (& wedges)

Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Still hitting yourself after the fitting: 60 -70 minutes
Cost: € 125, - 

(For purchases above € 750, the fitting session costs are € 75)

Indication iron prices:

Iron steel shaft from €79,00 per club (pre season models – €349 top exclusive)
Iron graphite shaft from € 89,00 (pre season models – per club – € 690 top exclusive)

Contents of the fitting:

  • Interview with the golfer about her/his game and budget wishes
  • Measure existing irons (advantages and disadvantages of your current clubs are mapped)
  • Measure which adjustment of new irons suits you best
  • Discuss and assess which type of clubhead is right for you

Game improve / Midsize / Cavity back / Blade

  • Determining the correct length, correct shaft and correct grip thickness
  • Loft and lie adjustments
  • Shaft frequency analysis
  • We also look at the wedge(s) if desired


After fitting:

  • Can we show how we produce and adjust clubs in-house?
  • Your fitting is always saved and recorded so that you can come back to it later with a subsequent purchase
  • You will receive a fitting report, we just do not share the final shaft grammage and flex information with you as we depend on what the workshop can supply.
  • You will receive a voucher card with a few nice offers that you as a client can use. Such as discount on green fee, regrippen, annual free loft and lie check and set apk.
  • We ask for a deposit
  • let's have a drink together to celebrate your purchase

Clubhead models

The different manufacturers have many different models of golf clubheads. The club heads are designed for novice players, advanced players or advanced players. We distinguish: super game improvement, game improvement, midsize, cavityback and blade clubheads. During an iron fitting session we look at club heads that we think will suit you best. For example, it is possible that you are a player with potential, then we advise you to take a model where you do not immediately grow out.

Great game improvement

The super game improvement clubheads are made for novice players. These are actually clubs that help to hit a good straight ball. It is very difficult for novice players to constantly hit the ball at the same point. That is why they are helped by a slightly wider sole, and a thicker topline.

The weight distribution of these clubheads is mainly at the bottom, making it easier to get under the ball. In addition, the clubhead is also larger. This makes the sweet spot bigger, which has the advantage that when the golfer / golfer hits the ball a little less, the ball deviates less quickly or loses distance.

Game improvements

The game improvement clubheads are made for novice players and advanced players. The wide sole and wide topline make it easier for the golfer / golfer to hit a straight ball. The clubheads remain on the large side, which means that the sweet spot is also large. If the ball is then hit less, it still retains the distance and deviates less quickly.


The midsize clubheads are mainly designed for advanced players, the midsize clubhead is a combination of forgiveness and feeling. The club heads have a normal sized topline. This ensures that they also have a regular sized sweet spot. The weight of the club heads is already more spread than with the game improvement club heads.

cavity back

The cavityback is made and designed for advanced players, the narrow sole makes the club more playable. The narrow top line, the short club length and narrower clubhead make the club more difficult to play because the sweet spot is smaller. In contrast, this does provide more feeling for the golfer / golfer. The cavityback is a club head for golfers who have a very constant swing but occasionally hit the ball a little less.


Blades are clubs for advanced players. The club head has a shorter blade length and a curved topline that makes it harder to hit the ball. In addition, blades also have a smaller sweet spot which makes it more difficult to hit the ball constantly the same. The advantage of blades is that the player gets more feedback at the moment of hitting thanks to the narrow topline and the soft club blade. The weight in blades is distributed over the entire head, which ensures that the golfer / golfer gets more feeling with the ball and can steer the ball better.