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Measurement session: 45 min
Testing (under supervision) No time attached.
Cost: 75€ 

(BIf you purchase a hybrid on top, these costs are canceled.)

Prices indication:

Hybrid graphite shaft from € 179,00 per club - € 1200 *
* concerns exclusive models

  • Measuring existing hybrid (s). (pros and cons u of the current hybrid (s) are indicated)
  • Measure which length, shaft, grammage, torsion, bendpoint suits you best.
  • visualize spinrates, launch angles, smash factor, Carry and maximum distance.
  • Shaft frequency analysis.
  • Spin alignment of the shafts.

During the fitting

  • You will have the opportunity to try out different makes and models.
  • We indicate what are or are not sensible choices and explain them.
  • We take your budget into account. (we also have old models!)
  • Let us show you how we produce, tune in-house hybrids ourselves.
  • Are you offered a drink before and during the fitting and everything goes at a leisurely pace.
  • You will receive a clear explanation that everyone understands and experience as very pleasant.

Trackman swing analysis:

The Trackman recording will show you how your swing pad should be for the most maximum length. We also explain what the best launch conditions are, the best attack angles and how you can get a reliable draw on your hybrid. You will be amazed at the results.