• An appointment for a fitting within 10 days • Delivery times are usually 2 to 3 weeks*


Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Still hitting yourself after the fitting: 60 min
Cost: € 125 *

(For purchases above €1000, the fitting session costs are €75,00)

Fitting content:

  • Interview with the golfer about her/his game and budget wishes

  • Measuring existing set (advantages and disadvantages of your current set are mapped)

  • Measure - explain which new iron set-up is best for you, whatever type of clubhead.

  • Determine correct length, correct shaft, correct grip thickness

  • Map loft and lie adjustments

  • Shaft frequency analysis of existing and what you need

  • We look at which hybrid(s) and which type suits you best

  • We look at which fairway wood (s) you should have 

  • We view the driver and or discuss it. Some players do not want to purchase this club yet because of their budget, often it is later put in a different fitting. 

  • We look at the wedge(s).

After the fitting, we will provide you with an overview of the ideal set to be put together. Of course you can purchase the complete set in parts.

After fitting, a deposit is requested for the order, delivery times are usually between 2-8 weeks.**

** special orders excluded

For the €75 you get swing analysis information and the values ​​of your fitting session from the Trackman. We do not provide the information about which shafts and grammages the workshop will eventually use in order to arrive at the correct values ​​of the club(s). 

See the loose explanation about this in the special video section: Explanation videos


A fitting can proceed in different ways:

1- the client is guided by the advice and experience of the fitter, he will put together the best price-quality ratio for his client. Based on handicap / level, it is recommended why or not to purchase certain models, whether or not on growth. Of course we want the best result for you.

2- regardless of what we think is right for you, we want you to indicate which models and brands you prefer. Some clients have done a thorough preliminary investigation and want to know from us whether their thoughts are correct. Let us know immediately during the fitting so that we are prepared.

After the fitting with the fitter, you can also try out a number of models on the range yourself. As a rule, you are busy with the fitter for 1,5 hours, then hitting balls yourself confirms your feeling and is pleasant to do with this serious purchase.

Once ordered, a set will be custom made for you.

After fitting:

  • Can we show how we produce and adjust clubs in-house?
  • Your fitting is always saved and recorded so that you can come back to it later with a subsequent purchase
  • You will receive a fitting report, we just do not share the final shaft grammage and flex information with you as we depend on what the workshop can supply.
  • You will receive a voucher card with a few nice offers that you as a client can use. Such as discount on green fee, regrippen, annual free loft and lie check and set apk.
  • We ask for a deposit
  • let's have a drink together to celebrate your purchase