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Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Testing on the driving range As long as you wish.
Cost: € 120 *

(These costs will be canceled if you purchase above € 400.) 

  • Measuring existing set (advantages and disadvantages of your current set are mapped)
  • Measure which adjustment of new irons suits you best
  • Determine correct length, correct shaft, correct grip thickness
  • Loft and lie adjustments
  • Shaft frequency analysis
  • We look at which hybrid suits you best
  • We look at which fairway wood (s) you should have
  • We look for the best driver
  • We look at the wedges
  • We look at the perfect putter
  • We look at which hybrid suits you best

During the fitting:

  • We indicate what are or are not sensible choices and explain them
  • Let's see how we produce, tune in-house clubs ourselves
  • Become your fitting always stored and recorded so that you can return to it later with a subsequent purchase
  • You will have the opportunity to try out different makes and models
  • We take your budget into account. (we also have older cheaper models!)
  • Let us show you how we produce, tune in-house clubs ourselves
  • Are you offered a drink before and during the fitting and everything goes at a leisurely pace
  • You will receive a clear explanation that everyone understands and experiences as very pleasant
  • We also indicate the step-by-step plan that you can follow if you want to make your purchase in parts