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Beginners club fitting

We are often told, if you want a custom golf set, you must of course first take a number of years to determine the difference between 'standard off the rack' en 'tailor-made to my person' to feel. The opposite is true. Anyone who starts with a 'custom fit golf set' immediately makes great strides in learning the game. The correct length and flexibility of the shafts immediately ensure that you master the game better. Beginner golf sets are often inexpensive and often strike anything but pleasant. If you already know that he / she likes the game of golf, we advise you to immediately purchase equipment of a better quality. However, we advise to buy only a few clubs and not yet complete equipment. A good beginners set consists of a hybrid, an iron 7,9 a PW (Pitching wedge), a putter and a golf bag.

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