• An appointment for a fitting within 10 days • Delivery times are usually 2 to 3 weeks*



Measurement session: 60 -70 minutes
Testing (under supervision) No time attached.
Cost: €125 

(For purchases above €1000, the fitting session costs are €75,00)

  • OMeasure which adjustment can be better for existing irons
  • Bepals of the correct length, correct shaft and correct grip thickness
  • Loft - and lie adjustments
  • Shaft frequency analysis
  • We look at which hybrid suits you best
  • Measuring existing set (advantages and disadvantages of your current set are mapped)
  • Measure which adjustment can be better for existing irons
  • Determine correct length, correct shaft, correct grip thickness
  • We look at which fairway wood (s) you should have
  • We look for the best driver
  • We look at the wedges
  • We look at the perfect putter

During the fitting

  • We indicate what are or are not sensible choices and explain them
  • Let's see how we produce, tune in-house clubs ourselves
  • Become your fitting always stored and recorded so that you can return to it later on with a subsequent purchase
  • You will have the opportunity to try out different makes and models
  • We take your budget into account. (we also have older more affordable models!)
  • Are you offered a drink before and during the fitting and everything goes at a leisurely pace
  • You will receive a clear explanation that everyone understands and experiences as very pleasant
  • We also indicate the step-by-step plan that you can follow if you want to make your purchase in parts

We often meet golfers who bought a new set not too long ago. It may be that they came to our address through friends and are also interested or that they just want to know if the set they are playing with has been adjusted correctly.

In the event that they have not received the correct adjustment on their clubs, a lot of sets can luckily be adjusted even better. We call this an “existing set of fitting”.

Clubs can be adjusted even better in terms of length, lie, loft, grip thickness, etc. At the same time, we also go through the other groups in the bag. At the end of the existing set fitting, we advise whether the existing set should be partly replaced or if everything is okay and that the set can only be improved in terms of adjustment.