• An appointment for a fitting within 10 days • Delivery times are usually 2 to 3 weeks*

The fitting experience

Custom fitting is an experience. So many different people in terms of height, physique and golf swings. A standard golf set is only sufficient for a very small group of people, so don't wait any longer and let us fit you professionally. You will quickly improve your handicap and of course you will notice that you will hit the ball better. 

The Fitting Process:


We welcome you and offer you a drink. We then measure your existing golf clubs. You have a nice look and in the meantime you tell a thing or two about the different clubs. We map out the length, flex, weight and frequency of the clubs

Then we give you golf balls and you can take it easy. If you arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment, the fitting is always very pleasant. We always ask you to bring your entire golf bag with contents and your golf shoes.


We sit down and want to get to know you and your game. We want to know how much you play, what handicap you have or aspire to or whether you are purely a pleasure player. First we want to hear your story. Then we explain what we saw during the measurement and where we think we can help you. You also indicate which clubs you are happy with. We also want to know from you what type of ball flight you normally have.

Do you play a fade more often than a draw? That is, does it often go from left to right or vice versa? If you do not know which type you belong to, we are happy to explain this to you. Then we get started to collect data from the Trackman at the different clubs in your bag. 

Collect data

The Trackman stands on the ground and measures everything imaginable. We look at which data is most relevant to you. Of course we look at your swing speed, your ball speed, the height of your strokes (which spin rates) and we can show exactly with which clubs you hit which lengths. We also immediately show which other clubs can make it even easier and whether you will continue with it.

We also try to achieve maximum control. Trackman was originally intended for outdoor use. Indoor measurements approach the truth with simulation, outside you really see it with your own eyes. That is different from hitting balls neatly inside.

Sequence of fitting: Irons - hybrids - fairway woods - driver - wedges & putter

We explain what kind of swing speed you have, what ball speed it generates and what your average distances are. We then make a choice as to whether steel or graphite shafts suit you better - you will immediately feel where your preference lies. Within the shafts we also look very extensively at the type of shaft within the type. For example, which grammage is good, which flex points? Depending on your knowledge, we will give you as much explanation as possible, not everyone asks about this, we are only too happy to share it with you.

During the fitting we look at which length suits you best, which lie is best.

Set "Make-up / Make-up"

After we have gone through all the steps and Hans thinks he knows what you need, we sit down at the computer and go through all the findings with each other. We discuss the results and create what we call a 'perfect set layout'. After the fitting you will test a number of makes and models, not everyone has that wish, please indicate this clearly.


Afterwards we can proceed to a step-by-step plan for the purchase of the various clubs. After part 1 of the fitting in which we have determined the specifications - a visit to the workshop can be made.

Determine perfect set

After a short break you can still hit the driving range with different brands and models. If desired, the fitter or assistant will look fitter with you. If you know what you want, the order in the system will be finalized. The specifications are noted, your delivery date is determined and you receive a folder with all data. Of course we would like to have a drink with you to celebrate this beautiful purchase with you.

The average delivery time of a set is 2-3 weeks. Loose clubs can generally be produced faster. In exceptional cases, clubs can also be made on site for you.


Visit "Custom Workshop"

In the workshop, the 'club builders' show how we build golf clubs. A loose club head, a shaft and a grip, not just a matter of gluing, but adding an unprecedented 'feel' that matches your values ​​is the 'magic' we want to add to your clubs. We show and explain how we do this. You are then assured that we will put together your clubs with at least as much care.