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We often see that a lot of attention is paid to club fitting. Club building also requires a lot of attention. In fact, it is a profession in itself. Club building is literally the making and / or building of your clubs and is very decisive for your golf qualities.

The Building Process:

Ready to build - preparing assignment

The moment the fitter has noted the order and put the specifications in our system, the club maker will start working for you in the workshop.

The order form is printed and the components are collected:

* club heads 
* shafts
* ferrules
* grips
* tip weights

The parts that are ready are provided with the order number and checked again for weight.

Proto model phase - first club is built

The heads of the club heads are cleaned and the shafts are prepared in the tip. The club heads have a serial number and these are linked to the order number.

The club maker starts making the iron 6. This club forms the basis for the entire set. This club is made at the right length, the right flex, the right frequency. The correct swing weight is also determined. If this club comes out as planned, the rest of the set will be made in the same way.

Building the whole set - customization

Club lengths vary by manufacturer, by brand and also by model. Within HLG we use the specifications as used by the club brand PING. The shaft is placed in the club head, the swingweight weight is determined, the club is glued together with grip. The tip weights range from 1-10 grams. The grips are of course placed exactly on the butt of the shaft.

The PROTOTYPE conforms to the demo model and the set is now being built as a whole. We use a special glue that is specially developed for golf club manufacturers. 
The clubs are in the
Placed “Heatmaster” where the glue hardens in a few hours. This process ensures that a clubhead can never come loose again.

Final Tuning phase - Adjusting the clubs

Then we will provide the clubs with the correct loft and lie. From the factory, the lofts of the irons are not always accurate. We adjust loft and lie with the most accurate loft and lie machine from PING, where we can bend clubs from -6 degrees flat to 8 degrees upright.

After the set has been finished, the ferrules are smoothed and a colleague checks the order again  before it goes to the shop.