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In the 80's everyone had Taylor Made woods in their golf bag. Founder Gary Adams, borrowed $ 24,000 and within a few years had discovered a mega success formula with his 'metalwoods'. Just before that, the fairway woods were still made of wood. Typically, the small clubheads feature a dimple, clubhead size almost the size of a golf ball. Nicknamed "Pittsburgh Persimmons".

At the PGA Show in 2017 I gave Gary Adams a hand, now an Industry Veteran who later also founded and sold Adams.

TaylorMade is known for its innovation. The brand managed to develop one model after another like no other, not always appreciated by everyone. The idea was always to buy an outdated model. This lesson cost her money and things have calmed down since then. The brand has changed hands a number of times, Salomon France, Adidas GmbH and recently acquired by KPS Capital partners since 2017 for $ 450 million.

We have been a strong hardware partner of the head office in Basingstoke for 23 years, where we visit at least once a year to keep the contacts with the custom work shop warm. We are the only account in the Netherlands that is allowed to purchase individual components from the Tour Dept. We also offer the option to 'hot melt' drivers, as Tour players want. Ask for this at a driver fitting.