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Scotty cameron

Don T. "Scotty" Cameron (born November 8, 1962) is an American golf club maker primarily known for making goldfinches for the Acushnet Company, which operates the Titleist brand of golf balls and clubs. The Scotty Cameron putter brand has been part of Titleist since 1994.

Cameron learned how to make putters with his father in the family's garage at an early age.

In 1991, Cameron designed and manufactured putters and worked directly with select golf equipment manufacturers, including Maxfli, Cleveland and the Ray Cook Golf Company. During this year, he manufactured his first retail production putter, nicknamed the Fry's Pity Putter. Later that year, Cameron began producing putters exclusively for Mizuno.

In late 1992, Cameron and his wife, Kathy, set up Cameron Golf International and began selling the Scotty Cameron Classic line of putters. in 1993, Bernhard Longer won the Tournament Masters using a Cameron prototype putter. The win helped to jumpstart the Camerons' new company.

In August 1994, Titleist fought off competition from five other companies to contract with Cameron to make putters exclusively for the Acushnet Company. Since then, the Scotty Cameron brand has grown to be one of the leading names in golf.

In 1996, the first Scotty Cameron Putter Studio was established in San Diego's North County where the top players in the world came to analyze and understand their putting strokes and have custom putters created by Cameron.