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Ping was the first manufacturer of tailor-made clubs for the recreational amateur golfer. When the company was founded in 1959, it was something that was only available to professional golfers. Karsten Solheim, started this great company only at the age of 50 and was amazed that all players had to play with the same standard setting of clubs. It would not be long before he became the most innovative engineer in golf with his insights.

The PING brand became famous for its first product; the putter A-1 that made a “PING” sound while on impact with the ball.

In 1979 my parents Leontine and Hans Lemmens visited the factory and from that moment became good friends with the founder of the brand, Karsten Solheim and his wife Louise. Karsten Solheim ran his company with his 3 sons and the company then had about 30 employees. About 1000 people now work at PING. 

The family business Hans Lemmens Golf has been an importer of the PING brand for the Dutch and Belgian market for 28 years. It is not without reason that the name “Lemmens” is still associated with the brand name “Ping” in golf. As an importer of the PING brand, all golf professionals and amateurs visited the wholesale trade and had sets fitted on the spot.

I did my first fitting when I was 15. My parents let me help clients from an early age, in order to master the business as quickly as possible. Every year I visited the British Open (The Open) with friends of my parents - there I was allowed to work at the booth with the PING team. Tour players visited the large booth in the tent village and had their clubs adjusted on the spot. A tour truck did not exist then.

Of course I also visited the factory in Phoenix several times, striking is the cordiality of the family and the impressive high levels of modern engineering. In England I have done fitting training several times at the Gainsborough site.

We have a very special relationship with the company and the people who work there. You could speak of a 'preferred business relationship ”.

If you are interested in information regarding the PING brand or clubs, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like a fitting, please schedule an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you soon and telling you more about this great brand. 

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