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The path to clubmaking mastery is long. It begins with apprenticeship, and concludes when a craftsman is able to infuse his every movement with single goal: to make the finest clubs in the world. At the peak of his craft, a Honma clubmaker can imagine exactly how the finished club will feel, and play, in the client's hands. Technologies continue to evolve, but the master craftsman at Honma understand that one value remains timeless: creating precision tools that our clients will cherish. We take great pride in what we do. Pride that begins and ends with the work of our master craftsmen.

Our clients look to Honma clubs for more than performance. They seek the spirit of uncompromising perfection that's built into every club we make. No compromises. No automated solutions. At Honma, we seek to capture human artistry

As a master craftman finishies a Honma club, he experiences a special feeling. It's a feeling known to the master violin makers of Italy: a close, almost spiritual connection to the future instrument owner. He can almost hear the sound of a shot at impact, See the soaring flight of the ball, and share the delight of a well-played hole. The special contentment that comes from a round of golf may not appear on any scorecard, but it exists nonetheless. It's part of the Honma experience, and it's something we all share. Your victories? and your special moments on the course? will be Honma's as well.

At Honma, our focus extend to the last hundredth of a millimeter, it's in this ultra-precise realm that we seek out new improvements. Some of our master craftsmen Have been occupied by this quest for two decades now, at our Sakata Design Facility. They understand that at the pinnacle of the clubmaker's art, each new creation must be infused with both beauty and performance. We start with the latest materials and Technologies, of course, but our goal is to move quickly beyond the science of clubmaking, and into the art. Honma. Creating clubs for the true golf connoisseur.