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Titleist Collection 2024

Spotlight – 17/10/2023

Titleist Expertise: We have the expertise and experience to custom fit Titleist clubs for your unique playing style. With our craftsmanship and passion we ensure that every stroke counts. Never go to a location where only one brand fits, the knowledge is too limited for complete advice.

Shaft Knowledge: At Hans Lemmens Golf we go further than just fitting clubs. We have the most extensive knowledge of shafts, because we test irons from all brands. This allows us to find the perfect combination of club head and shaft that will take your game to the next level. We can also adjust the lie and loft of your material in the workshop on site while hitting your balls to see the results change.

In-house Building
Your game deserves the very best care and attention. Our tailor-made fitting sessions are designed to maximize your potential and help you achieve your goals

Passion for Golf: At Hans Lemmens Golf we share your passion for the sport. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you on your golf journey, from beginner to professional.

Don't wait any longer for a better golf experience. Visit Hans Lemmens Golf today and discover the difference that a perfectly fitting Titleist club can make for your game!